Our Holy Father, Pope Francis

The Pope is the Pontif of the Universal Church. The Maronite Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic Church, (sui juris), one of the 21 Eastern Catholic Churches. 

Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio archbishop of Argentina -then, vested in Maronite Vestments.

Our Patriarch, His Beatitude Mar Beshara Peter Cardinal Rai

The Maronite Church is Patriarchal. Our Patriarch Beshara Peter Raii is the 77th Maronite Patriarch of Antioch, and head of the Maronite Church, a position he has held since March, 15 2011. He also holds the position of a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

The Maronite Church has ancient roots going back to the Apostles through the Patriarchate of Antioch where “we were first called Christians.” (Acts 11:26)  Today our patriarch resides in Lebanon.  The Maronite Church has always been in communion with the Pope of Rome.

The Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and all the East.

Our Bishop, His excellency A. Elias Zaidan

The Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles is an Eastern-Catholic Maronite Diocese that is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and serves the Maronite Catholics from California to Ohio. The Eparchy was formed officially in March 1, 1991, transitioning from the original Eparchy of St. Maron in Brooklyn, New York, which originally served the Maronites of the entire United States.

Bishop of the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon. Ordained September 28, 2013.

The priests who served our parish

  1. Reverend Bechara Kayata          1910-1911

  2. Chorbishop Tobias Dahdah       1911-1933

  3. Reverend Joseph Awad               1927-1928

  4. Reverend Peter Sfeir                    1930-1931

  5. Reverend Arthur Froehie            1933-1934

  6. Chorbishop Louis Zouain            1934-1939

  7. Reverend James Hurley               1939-1941

  8. Reverend James Hoban               1941-1942

  9. Reverend Edward Kotter             1942-1945

  10. Reverend Charles Moore             1945-1948

  11. Monsignor Joseph Abood            1948-1987

  12. Reverend James Root                   1987-1993

  13. Reverend Thomas Coover           1993-1996

  14. Reverend Louis Baz                      1996-1997

  15. Reverend Ghattas Khoury           1997-2003

  16. Reverend Anthony Salim             2003-2007

  17. Monsignor Louis Baz                    2007-2009

  18. Reverend David Fisher                 2009-2014

  19. Reverend George Hajj                  2014-present

A priest is one who makes Christ visible. The people see Christ in the saintly priests and they seek even to touch his robes as they did the robes of Christ. Children come to him without fear; non-Catholics give to them a reverence which they rarely give to others. The sure measure by which a priest draws souls to Christ is also the means by which he can drive souls from Christ. (Ven. Fulton J. Sheen; Those Mysterious Priests)

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Rev. Father George Hajj, Pastor

Ordained to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ on July 5th 2013, at the Maronite Convention in Tampa FL. 

Fr. George C. Hajj, was appointed to serve our parish on October 1st 2014.  

Born in 1976 and raised in Lebanon, Fr. Hajj lived in the United since 2001. He holds a Masters degree in Archeology, a Bachelor degree in business management, and an MDiv (Masters in Divinity) from The Catholic University of America. 

He was on the Inter-Eparchial History Committee & on the Committee for the tour of St. Sharbel's relics to the United States.

He is Vice President of the Maronite Seminary's Alumni association and he serves on the Eparchial presbyteral council.

Abouna George, October 7, 2014.

Our Subdeacons

Mr. Thomas Simon

Mr. Donald George, Jr.

Mr. Mark Floyd (On leave of Absence)


The First Subdeacon of our Parish was the late Mr.  Joe Mousie, may he rest in peace.


A subdeacon is the highest of the minor orders of clergy in the Church. 


The ordained subdeacon has the following duties:

  • Serving the altar, generally as the head server

  • Co-ordinating and leading the serving team

  • Training new altar servers

  • Care of the altar area, including

Cleaning the altar area

Looking after the vestments of clergy

Looking after the cloths of the Holy Table, cleaning, mending and changing them according to feasts and seasons

  • Assist the bishop when he is presiding.


Similar to the "blessed olive tree in the house of God, for the peace and upbuilding of the Holy Church.”

Our Parish Council

The Parish Council is the consultative and policy-making body of our Parish, which represents the total Parish community in its work of reflection, decision-making, and evaluation of policies and programs that affect the parishioners to grow more fully human and Christian.



The Members of our Parish Council:

Ms. Hana Chemaly

Mrs. Rula Baddour Driggers (Secretary)

Mrs. Sandy Enderle

Mr. Robert Mangold (Vice President)

Mr. Greg Muir

Mrs. Maguie Samaan

Mrs. Linda Sawma (Chairperson)

Parishioners helping pastors do their job by studying, reflecting, and recommending

Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council assists the pastor in the administration of parish temporal matters.



The Members of our Finance council are:

Mrs. Rose AbiRadi
Mr. Ron Bistany

Mr. Michael Cassidy
Sbd. Don George (connect with Parish Council)
Mr. Bill Gervers

Mr. Philip Hintelman

Mr. Paul Pettit (Secretary)

Mr. Eric Thiemann (Chairperson)

Promoting good stewardship through best practices.

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