Going to a new church can be a bit uncomfortable. Allow me to put you at ease, by answering a few frequently asked questions about our Church below. I hope to see you at a St. Anthony event or mass soon!


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What is St. Anthony's Church?

St. Anthony of Padua Maronite Catholic Church is a member of the Maronite Churches, which are in full union with Rome and the Pope. Our church has been around for over 100 years!


Who are the Maronites?
What is the difference between "Maronites" and the "Marianists"?

The Maronite Church (Wikipedia Article) is one of the predominant Catholic groups in the Middle East. They started with the following of St. Maron in the 5th Century. The Marianists is a completely unrelated group known as the Society of Mary (Wikipedia Article).

For more Maronite history, click here.


What can you tell me about the Mass?

Attending Mass (or as we call it Divine Liturgy) counts for your Sunday Mass obligation as a Catholic. Mass is held at 4 pm Saturday and 10:30 am Sunday with music. Mass is mostly English, but there is some Arabic and Syriac-Aramaic language
spoken as well. (Note: Syriac-Aramaic language is similar to what Jesus would have spoken)

If you only speak Engish, don't worry, there is a large brown book we all use to follow along during mass (see the bookshelf on your left when entering the church)  For more mass info, click here.


What events do you have at your Church?

St. Anthony of Padua has a little something for everyone.  Every Sunday at 10 am we pray the rosary. We have two festivals a year. Where most Churches have donuts and coffee after mass, we are known for our Kibbee Sunday's and Family Brunches!

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I have more questions,
who should I contact?

Please contact us directly by visiting our Contact Us page.