About MYA

The Maronite Young Adults (M.Y.A.) organization is a group aiming to welcome and unite the young adult community (ages 18-35) in the Maronite Church throughout the United States of America. Carrying the mission statement:

“The Maronite Young Adult (MYA) organization is a group of Maronite Catholic disciples who intentionally live the teaching of the Catholic Church and embrace Jesus in their daily lives. By their service, social, and spiritual activities, they seek to live the Gospel of mercy and compassion and grow in their relationship with Jesus and one another.”

Here in our parish of St. Anthony of Padua, Cincinnati, OH, we have a beautiful and rich history, of over 100 years old, where a group of young adults was formed in 1948 and was known as: A-SHABEBAT SOCIETY [the youth society].


Our parish family by the Grace of God is growing and becoming more and more vibrant, we are very pleased that our Young Adults have formed a local MYA chapter, that will partake and belong to the national MYA organization, yet for the sake of keeping the memory of our dear A-SHABEBAT alive, our group will be known locally by “A-SHABEBAT, MYA”.
Membership is for all members of the parish between ages 18 through 35.


The mission of the MYA is to strengthen and deepen our faith while preserving our identity and heritage, as we remain active in the Church. The MYA is also a place for social networking, a means of connecting with our peers, participating in recreational, service, and spiritual group activities.



Contact our Leadership Team

MYA Main Email          stapmya@gmail.com

MYA President             Hana C.
MYA Vice President    Rob T.
MYA Secretary             Michelle M.
MYA Treasurer             Vincent I.

MYA Social Chair         Eliana F.,
MYA Spiritual Chair    Sarah D.
MYA Service Chair       Joyce G.


MYA Moderator           Vacant

Please allow 1-2 days to respond. Thank you.

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