Season of

Great Lent

"For you are made from dust and from dust you shall return."

Feb 15 - March 26


Liturgy and Sacraments

The Mysteries of the Church

Baptism & Confirmation

For Churching your New-Born and the Mysteries of the Christian Initation, please contact the parish center.



By Appointment During the pandemic.


Holy Orders

If God is calling you to serve His church in the consecrated life, don't hesitate in discerning your vocation. Contact the priest to discuss your vocation.

The Service of the Divine Mysteries (Mass Times) 

Extraordinary measures during the Pandemic:

- For the month of February, 2021 -



St. Anthony's (Upper Church)

-Saturday:  4:00 PM

-Sunday: 10:30 AM
-Sunday: 6:00 PM (Arabic)

* * *

ONE FAMILY /per/ service for:

Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayThursday, Friday

(St. Aquilina Chapel) - 6:00 PM


(Register Here)

The Mysteries of the Church

Crowning - (Marriage)

Formation for this blessed event begins 7 months in advance of the desired date. To schedule a wedding, please contact the church 7 months before the wedding date, before booking a wedding venue.

Anointing of the Sick


Please call the priest directly, for the Communion for the Homebound, and for the anointing of the sick at home, hospital or in a Nursing Home. (Hospitals do not usually notify us).

More Information


(If you would like to have a Liturgy Intention, please contact us


When a loved one has passed on, contact the priest immediately.


Monthly Intentions


Remember O Lord all our parishioners who are cut off from community by illness or weakness that we will reach out to them and connect with them through visits and prayers; for those recommended to our prayers.
                       -We Pray to you O Lord


Prayer Requests


Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us and asked us to be a people of prayer, and to lift each other to the heart of God through prayer and Good works.

We are blessed to carry your intentions in our daily prayer and if you request so to have your prayer request shared with many of our "prayer warriors" to be lifted up to the Lord.

Please fill the form below, and let's get praying!


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