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Filled of gratitude to everyone of us who has donated and will be donating towards our capital campaign, aimed for the maintenance of our campus, in order to serve our parish family in a safe and clean environment.

The goal of the 3 years capital campaign launched on August 16, 2019, is:

The update, safety and usefulness of our campus.

The projects envisioned are:


  • Restrooms in small hall. COMPLETED

  • Parking Lot Retaining walls & Courtyard

    • Parking Lot lights (COMPLETED)

  • Roof: Roof & wall leakage (COMPLETED);

    • Roof insulation (in process)

  • The Church (plans & drawings process now).

  • Formation ctr. & Rectory switch. (In process)

  • Large Hall (floor, restrooms, kitchen, A.C.)



Build Together, Stay Together —نبني معاً ونبقى معاً

Thank you to everyone who already pledged, Building our Home is the duty of us all!

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