Build and Strengthen your Holy Family as you walk together in relationship with Jesus

  • January

    This month we have special traditions  and treats to celebrate the Baptism of our Lord (Luminous Mystery). May these fun activities bring your family together to create new and bring back beautiful old memories. 

    Deyim Deyim and Merry Christmas to all Orthodox ! 

  • February

    Coming Soon!

  • March

    Coming Soon!

  • April

    Coming Soon!

  • May

    Coming Soon!

  • June

    Coming Soon!

  • July

    Coming Soon!

  • August

    Coming Soon!

  • September

    This month we celebrate the Feast of the cross (Sept.14th) and the Nativity of Mary (Sept.8th). Make and decorate a cross made of salt dough to hang over a doorway or share as a gift. 

  • October

    This month we celebrate All Saints Day. Join us for the parish party on Nov.10 after Divine liturgy.

  • November

    This month we are being thankful in every way and of everything.

  • December

    Coming Soon!


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