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The Relics of St. Sharbel

During this time of trouble, we are so blessed and fortunate to have the Relic of St. Sharbel visit us on his feast day*:

July 18-20, 2020

(*The Third Sunday of July).

The plans are simple, this time. We will be celebrating his presence with us with personal devotion and family prayer, mainly.

  • Saturday July 18:


4:00 pm Liturgy

6:00 pm Choir Hymns & Meditations BROADCASTED LIVE - NOT OPEN FOR IN PERSON

Until 10:00 pm personal prayer**.

  • Sunday July 19:


10:30 Liturgy, removal of the cincture around the church and procession.

Noon - 6:00 pm: personal prayer**. 

6:00 pm: Divine Liturgy in Arabic

Until 10:00 pm personal prayer**.

  • Monday July 20:

Noon - 6 :00 pm Personal prayer**

Liturgy 6:00 pm

Until 10:00 pm personal prayer**.


  • Tuesday July 21:


10:00 am, open to all.

Noon: Praying the Angelus & the Most Holy Rosary.

1:00 pm: The relic goes to Cleveland.

*Personal devotion and family prayer are by registration: ONLINE HERE
OR by calling 513-961-0120 or 513-917-3333

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Capital Campaign - Work advancement

Filled of gratitude to everyone of us who has donated and will be donating towards our capital campaign, aimed for the maintenance of our campus, in order to serve our parish family in a safe and clean environment.

The capital campaign has so far achieved:

  • The remodeling of the founders' hall restrooms (April 9, 2020 to May 30, 2020).

  • During the months of June 2020, we have rented a crane, in order to accomplish the work of tuckpointing (the process of repairing or refilling mortar joints in brick), the outside of the church's walls to treat the water infiltration. As well as painting the roof with a white waterproof coating, that is guaranteed for 50 years. The use of the crane has helped in fixing the lights on the church building and the installation of a mosaic of the Maronite cross on the Southern wall of the church.

  • The next envisioned projects are the 1) Switching of the use of the actual rectory to become the activities center and the Thomas center B to become the rectory. 2) The remodeling of the upper church. 3) The parking lot and the courtyard in the middle of the campus.

Thank you to everyone who already pledged, Building our Home is the duty of us all!

Please seriously consider contributing to St. Anthony's Capital campaign, here.



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