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On behalf of Bishop Elias A. Zaidan and the Synodal Committee at the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles, please take a few minutes to reflect on and provide your feedback with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  
If you have any questions or want more information, please reach out to our facilitators for the Synod 2023, Subdeacon Donald George, or visit the Eparchy's website HERE

PLEASE JOIN Bishop Elias and many of our fellow Maronites for Topics 9 & and 10


Eparchial Synod Meeting: Discerning and Deciding with Bishop A. Elias Zaidan on Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 7:30 PM Eastern Time via Zoom.


Topic 9: In a synodal style we make decisions through discernment of what the Holy Spirit is saying through our whole community.



Eparchial Synod Meeting: Forming Ourselves in Synodality with Bishop A. Elias Zaidan on Monday, April 18, 2022 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time Via Zoom.


Topic 10: Synodality entails receptivity to change, formation, and on-going learning.

In preparation for the Synod of Bishops that will take place in the Vatican in October 2023, Pope Francis has invited all Catholics around the world to offer their opinions regarding how the Church should journey together in its Mission of Evangelization in the future. This is the first time in Church history that laypeople worldwide of all ages are invited to offer their thoughts freely, openly, and honestly to help purify and renew our Church as we embark on the third millennium in the life of the Church.
Pope Francis selected the following 10 topics to reflect on and discuss at the Synod 2023:

1. COMPANIONS ON THE JOURNEY: In the Church and in society, we are side by side on the same road.

2. LISTENING: Listening is the first step, but it requires having an open mind and heart, without prejudice.

3. SPEAKING OUT: All are invited to speak with courage and parrhesia, that is integrating freedom, truth, and charity. 

4. CELEBRATION: “Journeying together” is only possible if it is based on communal listening to the Word and the celebration of the Eucharist.

5. SHARING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR COMMON MISSION: Synodality is at the service of the mission of the Church, in which all members are called to participate.

6. DIALOGUE IN CHURCH AND SOCIETY: Dialogue is a path of perseverance that also includes silences and sufferings, but which is capable of gathering the experience of persons and peoples.

7. ECUMENISM: The dialogue between Christians of different confessions, united by one baptism, has a special place in the synodal journey.

8. AUTHORITY AND PARTICIPATION: A synodal Church is a participatory and co-responsible Church.

9. DISCERNING AND DECIDING: In a synodal style, decisions are made through

discernment, based on a consensus that flows from the common obedience to the Spirit.

10. FORMING OURSELVES IN SYNODALITY: The spirituality of journeying together is called to become an educational principle for the formation of the human person and of the Christian, of the families, and of the communities.

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